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Bad Vibes and Bad Energy

Have you just woke up feeling low? Has someone ever called you and dumped their negative energy on you and you didn’t ask for it? Has a day came that you dreaded and you just wanted it to be over?

That’s what I deal with on a daily basis. Negative energy of other family, friends and co-workers…days where I have locked my keys in my car and left my wallet at home and had to call the locksmith to follow me home after opening my car. I just wanted to go back to bed and start again. What helps me fight off negative energy is mindset shifts.

I could have spent the day angry and taking it out on everyone and everything, called my friend and vent negative thoughts and feelings but because I understand, it’s about how you react to things that makes or breaks your vibe I quickly said my daily affirmations and took several deep breaths and stayed calm.

I do a lot of mentoring with students who have bad vibes and bad energy with negative mindsets. I mentor about changing their emotional intelligence and finding ways to release negativity and find better ways to affirm themselves. It takes work and is a process to get use to for sure but it helps to reduce test anxiety and have a better experience in nursing school.

Here are 3 affirmations you can say:

I am more than enough!

I am worthy of everything I receive!

Abundance is in Obedience!

If you are a student that needs help with a situation or want to talk about how you feel, text 9999 to our mentoring hotline free of charge and someone will respond to you with how to get in our mentoring program.

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