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It’s the transformation for me!

Updated: Jun 29, 2021

Here is what lead to this 3-hour session and a student passing her class medsurg class she was struggling in.

A lot of tutors believe that time is money but I believe in quality over quantity if the situation calls for it. Here’s why I stay on this tutoring session so long. I care if people make it to the next level. Pulling someone up the latter with you is a good moral value to live by. Yes, I could have charged for the extra time.

In this particular tutoring session, this student was having ah-ha moments left and right. Her critical thinking was flowing and we had a breakthrough about how she was supposed to be studying and interacting with the concepts she was learning therefore, I didn’t want to disrupt the transformation she was experiencing. Read the testimonial about the 3-hour study session and see how it translated to her academic performance. It’s the transformation for me!

DISCLAIMER: This is not a typical scenario, she caught on really fast when it usually takes about three sessions for students really to take their tutoring seriously and implement what they learned from me.


Don't forget coming up...

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