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Did you hear: New themed days of the week!

Updated: Jun 29, 2021

Introducing themed days of the week featuring free pre-recorded classes! Our youtube page will now be updated with new content broken down!

Watch this overview of the themed days of the week we launched in our Nurse Renee's Facebook study group. Did you miss the two free classes? Make sure you are signed up to our email list because they will be coming to your email in the next couple of weeks.

Coming Soon...

Our video "5 Reasons to learn proper shift reporting in nursing school" will be available shortly. Keep checking your email for our new blog and youtube posts.

News You Can Use...

Amazon has some amazing resources for nursing students that I highly recommend. I often teach from the Saunders comprehensive review book. When I was in school it was a true life saver. Are you in Medsurg/Adult Health class and needing help to narrow your focus. Click the picture to grab the book asap! Then I can show you how to use it in my next blog post.

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