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Our Frequently Asked Questions

As a professional nurse tutor, here are the same questions I get from students needing help… 1. How do I organize my study routine? I’m all over the place.

2. I can’t retain the concepts, can you help me?

3. My exam does not match the PowerPoint or lectures my instructor went over. What do I do?

4. I have a hard time answering the questions I’m not sure what it’s asking. How can I answer these nursing questions?

My ears tingle and heart jumps for joy and I know it sounds weird but it’s not because the students that come to me are struggling, trust me I have been there. It’s because I have the solutions to their problems and they trust me to help them solve them. This year will be our 5th year anniversary as a tutoring company that has helped 300+ students pass nursing shook and state boards and we definitely are about to kick it up a notch.

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