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Why don’t you tutor for free?

I have been running a successful tutoring business for 4 years now and the first 3 years before that I tutored for free in my Facebook study group and just took consultation calls for $25. I have witnessed the good and bad with free tutoring. Over time as a small business owner, I began to learn how to incorporate free training into my group to add value and quality to the lives of the students. I still tutor for free, you just have to catch it on my YouTube channel or click the events tab in my this website. Most freebies are announced in the emails I give to members of this page. Check out my YouTube freebie about how to use the Saunders comprehensive review boo on YouTube. I’ve been told people love the video and it’s super helpful on how to study it.

P.S. If you haven’t joined my email list by clicking on the contact page of this website, do so today! I have an announcement going out soon.

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