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                           N.N.U. Review for NCLEX®


                                                                                                           Register for Pricing

After taking this workshop RN/PN NCLEX® candidates will: 

1. Be confident in their strategies to answering questions. 

2. Understand what to study inside each of the NCLEX®️categories.

3. Be proficient in taking exams with reduced anxiety. 

New Nurse University NCLEX Review team has a unique 3 step High Impact Tutoring method that has new grads & repeat testers mastering what it takes for candidates to improve their performance during their NCLEX®️ exam based on their OWN behaviors. Now let us show YOU how to do the same! We have a 98% Passing Rate!

Payment plans are available through affirm and direct invoicing.

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Course includes:

👉🏾 Study Success Workbook with Calendar organization  with test taking strategies review.  

👉🏾 Weekly Group coaching with assigned accountability study partners (Days To Be Determined).

👉🏾 NEW Shorter more effective On Demand mini lectures for content review.*

👉🏾 RN or PN Kaplan Q-Bank with online access.

👉🏾NEW NGN NCLEX®️ prep case study scenarios to enhance clinical reasoning and critical thinking. 

👉🏾 NEW RN/PN Candidate benchmarking for transforming bad study behavior and tracking progress.

👉🏾 NEW green light Mastery Levels for Pre/Post assessments to help identify at risk students not ready to test. 

October 13th-15th 2023 is the next in person 3 day live in person cohort.

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