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New Nurse University Inc. is a tutoring company established in 2016 that is on a mission to help 500 first generation undergraduate nursing students and new nurses jumpstart their careers.


Renee Dyson is a baccalaureate-prepared registered nurse, has 13+ years in the healthcare industry, and 5 years as an OB registered nurse and professional tutor, and a Licensed Practical Nurse instructor. In 2016, Renee founded New Nurse University Inc. and has successfully helped 300 nursing students pass nursing school and state boards while providing mentorship to new graduates looking for jobs. 

Our mission is to streamline pre-licensure program remediation processes with innovative strategies to include better study techniques for standardized testing. Long term, we want to help improve academic performance and help increase nursing program retention rates and maintain state board, NCLEX® pass rates.

 The vision is to help bridge the gaps in nursing education by providing recommendations, educational training, and quality improvement planning to underserved pre-licensure nursing programs & graduate alumni left behind.

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