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Take this prep class when you want to get an Exit HESI 850 or higher score or level 2-3 with ATI. The class teaches how to approach nclex style questions using keywords while applying strategies to use in addition to your content knowledge.


Once you enroll get started right away with the Defining Keywords in Depth Video. After this class students learn:

What strategies actually work for different question types

How to retain the strategies to recall during the exam

Techniques for reducing anxiety

Proven strategy to build up question tolerance

The class includes a workbook to fill in, 1 prerecorded video and 3 online tutoring sessions. (must send availibility in an email after purchase)

There are no refunds after the access of any intellectual property.

Passing Your Exit Exam Prep Class

  • Because you will receive our intellectual property via download. There are no refunds allowed. If you have any problems please reach out to us via email. and we will be happy to resolve any issues.

  • Once payment is received the workbook and video will come to your email for you to download. Please remember to check your spam. 

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