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Stuck not understanding fluid, electrolytes and ABGs? In this class you will learn how to breakdown all 3 concepts into more simple ways of retaining the info. Use the quick 20 mins videos along with the workbook and fill in the gaps. Review them more than once and use your school text books to elaborate on important nursing interventions. The class definitely helps you understand these concepts as the nurse helping patients with these problems. Improve exams by taking this class and implementing what you learn with practice questions.

Fluid, Electrolytes & ABG Review

  • Once payment is received the workbooks will come to your email for you to download. Please remember to check your spam. Also, a video recording will be in in another email for you to review anytime helping you through the workbooks.

  • Because you will receive our intellectual property via download. There are no refunds allowed. If you have any problems please reach out to us via email. and we will be happy to resolve any issues.

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