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Want to learn how to get a handle of how to study, how to take notes and approach questions? 


Study Success 

The bundle workbook goes into details about how to organized an effective study routine so you won't be all over the place during your study sessions.


Content & Note Taking Success

Plus, included is access to tutorials about how to use the workbook and trainings implementing the tips.

You will learn perfecting the art of note taking and how to retain notes through repetition which is key!


Question Success

Also, this bundle helps you with how to apply your notes to questions applying information appropriately.


Grab your copy today! Nursing School doesn't teach you these tips and tricks to get a head.

Study Success Blueprint Workbook+ Online Tutorial Access

  • Will the workbook help me with what to study?

    The workbook sets the foundation for you to establish a study routine, how to take notes and specific keywords helpful for approaching questions. It does not provide what nursing concepts to study. Check out our trainings in our library content for more info or book a tutoring session.

    Does this workbook include a calendar?

    Yes, The calendar is weekly and will help you follow and match concpts to any general weekly nursing school syllabus.

    How long does it take to receive the book?

    Please allow 3 days for processing your order and allow an addtional 7-10 business days for shipping. Due to Covid19 and staffing shortages there is a delay in manufacturer timelines for pachakaging. Thank you for your patience!

    Refund Policy

    There are no refunds allowed. We would love to resend another product if lost, stolen or damaged. Simply contact us here on the website or send us an email.

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